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IAVCEI 2008 General Assembly

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Chambers and conduits I: Geophysical, geochemical and geological observation This session is dedicated to understanding the characteristics and dynamics of magma chambers, the magma conduits to the Earth’s surface and volcanic vents, based on geophysical, geochemical and geological data and observations. This session will focus on: - Imaging magma chambers and conduits using geophysical and remote sensing data sets and understanding their behaviour. - Understanding the time-scales of magma chamber formation, evolution, longevity, recharge, and closed system versus open system state. - Using geochemical approaches to constrain the timescale and mechanism of degassing and flow in shallow conduits - Understanding the role of geochemical processes in triggering eruptions (e.g. differentiation, fractionation, volatile behaviour, magma mixing) - Using geological studies of ancient magma chambers, magma conduits and vents to understand how magma chambers form and evolve, the processes of magma conduit formation and propagation, and the processes of vent formation and evolution. Case studies of all magma system types from ultrabasic komatiites and kimberlites, to basaltic, intermediate and silicic magma systems, and involving non-eruptive to effusive lava forming eruptions to explosive eruption systems, and a spectrum of volcano types will be welcome. Approaches that employ a combination of geophysical, geochemical and geological approaches are particularly encouraged.

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TitleIAVCEI 2008 General Assembly
Date18/08/08 → …