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  1. First Measurement of the Hubble Constant from a Dark Standard Siren using the Dark Energy Survey Galaxies and the LIGO/Virgo Binary–Black-hole Merger GW170814

    The DES Collaboration, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration, 26/04/2019, In : Astrophysical Journal Letters. 876, 1, 15 p., L7.

    Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

  2. An ALMA Survey of Submillimeter Galaxies in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South: Source Catalog and Multiplicity

    Hodge, J. A., Karim, A., Smail, I., Swinbank, A. M., Walter, F., Biggs, A. D., Ivison, R. J., Weiss, A., Alexander, D. M., Bertoldi, F., Brandt, W. N., Chapman, S. C., Coppin, K. E. K., Cox, P., Danielson, A. L. R., Dannerbauer, H., De Breuck, C., Decarli, R., Edge, A. C., Greve, T. R. & 7 others, Knudsen, K. K., Menten, K. M., Rix, H-W., Schinnerer, E., Simpson, J. M., Wardlow, J. L. & van der Werf, P., 1/05/2013, In : The Astrophysical Journal. 768, 1, p. 91

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  3. The XMM cluster survey: The stellar mass assembly of fossil galaxies

    Harrison, C. D., Miller, C. J., Richards, J. W., Lloyd-Davies, E. J., Hoyle, B., Kathy Romer, A., Mehrtens, N., Hilton, M., Stott, J. P., Capozzi, D., Collins, C. A., Deadman, P. J., Liddle, A. R., Sahlén, M., Stanford, S. A. & Viana, P. T. P., 10/06/2012, In : The Astrophysical Journal. 752, 1, 26 p., 12.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article