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Norwegian Bioethics and Disability Scholar Patrick Kermit joins CeDR as a visiting Research Fellow

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Publication date16/02/09

Patrick Kermit, a doctoral research fellow in medical technology and ethics (details below) at the Department of Social Work and Health Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), will be joining the department as a visiting research fellow for five weeks from 16th February 2009.

Patrick is researching ethical aspects related to the increasingly common practice of fitting prelingual deaf children with cochlear implants. During his stay Patrick will be working on a number of papers drawing on his doctoral research as well as contributing to the CeDR seminar Disability Studies, 'D/deafness' and Bio-ethics on 2nd March.

"Having attended the Lancaster Disability Studies Conference twice and developed good connections with disability scholars at Lancaster, I feel both honoured and privileged that CeDR have welcomed me as a visiting researcher"

Link to Kermit's recent publications and conference contributions: http://wo.uio.no/as/WebObjects/frida.woa/wa/fres?inst=194&pnr=203035&action=sok