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Publication of Hannah Arendt: Critical Assessments

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Publication date1/04/06
This month saw the publication of the four volume collection, Hannah Arendt, edited by Garrath Williams, Lecturer in Philosophy in the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy. Hannah Arendt (1905-1976) was a German-Jewish political philosopher who emigrated to France and then the USA after Hitler came to power. She is most famous for her study of Nazism and Stalinism, The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), and her account of political action presented in The Human Condition (1958).

The volumes are published in Routledge's prestigious Critical Assessments of Leading Political Philosophers series, which also includes volumes on Karl Marx (edited by Bob Jessop), GWF Hegel (edited by Robert Stern) and John Locke (edited by Richard Ashcroft). Prepared over the course of two years, the contents of the Hannah Arendt volumes were selected by the editor in consultation with an international advisory board of experts on Arendt's work, comprising Seyla Benhabib, Margaret Canovan, Wolfgang Heuer, Jeffrey Isaac, Morris Kaplan, Jerome Kohn, Ursula Ludz, Etienne Tassin and Roy Tsao.

For more information about the volumes, please see the editor's web-site at: www.lancs.ac.uk/staff/williagd/arendt.

Sales information is available at the Routledge web-site: www.routledge.com/Philosophy/series_list.asp?series=3.