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Review of Prague, Capital of the Twentieth Century (Diplomat Magazine)

Press clipping: Research

Publication date5/01/14

Prague, Capital of the Twentieth Century one of the books featured in a recent essay by the Canadian novelist and poet George Fetherling entitled "Nitty-Gritty Cities."  He writes:

"Sayer may not reside in Prague, but he writes as an insider.  He knows why the city has so often worked the way it does... Prague is not, strictly speaking, travel writing but it is, among other things, an excellent example of what travel writing is becoming, if indeed it hasn’t already done so ... People are no longer so easily satisfied by the mere travel impressions of some outsider much like themselves. Instead they gravitate towards writers who actually have lived not simply in, but inside, a location for an extended period, as one lives inside one’s clothes." 

For full text see: http://diplomatonline.com/mag/2014/01/nitty-gritty-cities/



Original titleNitty-Gritty Cities
AuthorGeorge Fetherling
MediumDiplomat Magazine