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Visitors to CSEC

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Publication date25/05/10

CSEC is hosting several visitors in 2010.

Dr. Katja Neves Graca from Corcordia University, Montreal,camein February to speak to the topic of Nature and Capital ( http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/sociology/event/3164/).

Dr. Esther Turnout from Wageningen University, NL, visited for a week in February.This visit helped us plan an international confrence on 'Living with Biodiversity: People, Knowledge, Politics' to be held in Leiden, NL, 22-23rd September, 2010. ( http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/sociology/event/3164/ )

Maria Felipe Lucia from the University of Leon, Spain, visited in May. Maria has a grant through the EU Leonardo da Vinci European Programme to look at issues of grassroots involvement in environmental care and decisionmaking. Maria attended one of the Loweswater Care Project workshops (www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/projects/loweswater ) to see how we combine STS approaches with those of community management of the environment. Maria will go back to Spain next academic year to begin aPhD loooking at public participation in river restoration projects in her local area.

Amaranta Herrero from Barcelona University, Spain, will be visiting from June to September 2010. Her aim is to spend some time with CSEC and get to know about the research projects we are involved in. She is interested in particular in how social and natural aspects of reality are closely and mutually interweaved. During her visit Amaranta will be writing articles for her PhD which is an empirical case study of illegal opencast coal mining subsidised by the Spanish government and located in a highly protected area underEuropean law. She aims to examine understand the structural elements of the conflict, and the power relations involved, as well as the way the conflict has been shaped and contested through environmental discourses, social imaginaries and identities.

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Visitors are always welcome at CSEC - for long or short periods of time - we can accomodate you!

For inquiries about spending some time at CSEC (which is within the Department of Sociology) please e-mail Claire Waterton and Rachel Hemmings simultaneoulsy. Claire will get in touch about the bext time to visit and what is going on etc. and Rachel will be able to fill you in about where to stay, obtaining facilities (library card, computer access etc.). Our addresses are: