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Workshop on The Humanities: Impact and Relevance

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Publication date15/12/08


Welcome and Introduction

Georg Winckler

, University of Vienna and European University Association

Shearer West

, Arts and Humanities Research Council

Herbert Gottweis

, Austrian Science Foundation

Milena Zic-Fuchs,

European Science Foundation

Key Note:

Walter Pohl,

University of Vienna

Where do we stand and where do we go? Th e Humanities and diff erent meanings of relevance and impact

Impact studies and the use of metrics in the Humanities: Concepts and limits

Carl Dolan

(HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area): Th e HERA Impact and Quality Assessment - Evaluation and benchmarking of Humanities research in Europe

Tony McEnery

(University of Lancaster): Th e use of research metrics and the economic, social and cultural impact of Arts and Humanities research.

Christine Kosmopoulos

(CNRS-UMR Géographie-cités): Th e prospects opened by Open Access

Relevance, societal impacts of research and public policy making

Jack Spaapen

(Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences KNAW): Evaluating Research in Context - the ERiC Project

Alan Wilson

(British Academy): Punching our weight: the Humanies and Social Sciences in public policy making

Bob Frodeman

(University of North Texas): Integrating societal impacts concerns into Peer Review

Podium discussion

Annemarie Bos

(Netherlands Org. for Scientifi c Research) Chair

Andre Gingrich

(University of Vienna)

Carl Dolan

(HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area)

Rüdiger Klein

(European Science Foundation)

Gerhard Budin

(University of Vienna)

Henry Widdowson

(University of London, Essex University and University of Vienna)

Making the Humanities count

Nina Kancewicz-Hoff man

(European Science Foundation): Increasing visibility for a multifaceted Humanities research in Europe the ERIH approach

Alain Peyraube

(Centre National de la Recherche Scientifi que and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales): Evaluation of the Humanities at the ERCInsights from the interface between Humanities and Sciences

Ruth Wodak

Blurring of boundaries: Between Science and the Humanities

impact at the interface between Sciences and Humanities: Th e case of

systematic musicology

(University of Vienna and University of Lancaster):Richard Parncutt (University of Graz): Assessment of quality and

Closing Panel: Future prospects of the Humanities

Peter Kampits

(University of Vienna) Chair

Milena Zic-Fuchs

(European Sciences Foundation)

Alan Wilson

(British Academy)

Ruth Wodak

(University of Vienna and University of Lancaster)


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