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Race-specific differences in the phase coherence between blood flow and oxygenation: A simultaneous NIRS, white light spectroscopy and LDF study



The data sets comprised several cardiovascular parameter such as; blood flow, tissue oxygenation, temperature, respiration, and ECG. Thirty-two healthy male volunteers participating in the
study were aged 19 ,5 years (mean ,SD). They were divided
into two groups: 16 black Africans (BA) and 16 Caucasian
whites (CA), all students at Lancaster University. The BA
group was composed of West Africans (from Nigeria and
Ghana) plus two black Sudanese, while the CA group was
white-skinned British plus two Europeans.

Owing to commercial sensitivity, the data are available on request to bona fide researchers with a legitimate interest only. Please contact rdm@lancaster.ac.uk for more information.
Date made available18/10/2019
PublisherLancaster University
Temporal coverage1/12/2016 - 31/01/2017
Date of data production12/2016 - 01/2017

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