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Temporal relations in children's sentence comprehension



Column 1= subject (participant number).
Column 2= item (item number: 1 to 64).
Column 3= sentence (experimental sentence)
Column 4= score (DV: correct or incorrect).
Column 5= connective (IV: sentence with before or after)
Column 6= position (does the sentence use the connective at the start or middle of the sentence?)
Column 7= worldknowledge (IV: Is world knowledge present or absent?)
Column 8= order (IV: Id the order of mention of events in the sentence chronological or reverse-chronological?).
Column 9= age (Is the participant 3to4, 4to5, 5to6, or 6to7 years old?)
Column 10= months (Age of the participant in months)
Column 11= movie (was the answer on the left or right of the screen?)
Column 12= bpvs (Participant vocabulary scores).
Column 13= wm (Participant memory scores).
Date made available2015
PublisherLancaster University
Date of data production31/07/2013

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