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Dr Abu Syed Mahajumi

Former Research Student

Abu Syed Mahajumi

Research overview

I am studying the physical characteristics of semi-conductors with dimensions at the nanometer scale at Lancaster University, UK. Semi-conductors are materials which all electronic components such as transistors and integrated circuits are made up of. Semiconductors are consequently at the heart of all modern information technology. By drastically reducing the size of semi-conductor components to the nanometer scale, completely new properties can be realised. So my main research works are the electrical and optical properties of various types of nanostructures. Presently I am working with GaSb/GaAs Quantum Dots Solar Cells.

Research overview

Book Published “Quantum Well Structures for Infrared Detector Applications”, Infrared P-I-N photodiodes based on InAs/GaSb superlattices. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3-8443-9436-8,  May 2011

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