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Dr Alexandra Gormally

Senior Research Associate

Alexandra Gormally


Tel: +44 1524 594376

Current Research

Broadly, my research interests are around energy, climate and communities. I am currently based in the School of Computing and Communications and part of the Socio-Digital Sustainability (SDS) research group. My research is involved with Energy Lancaster (http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/energy-lancaster/) looking into supply and demand on campus as part of Energy Lancaster Communities. I am also affiliated with the Lancaster Environment Centre, in particular the Society and Environment theme.

With a background in environmental science I became interested in weather and climatic trends, in particular the work of Professor Gordon Manley, a famous British climatologist. This led onto my doctoral research which was funded by a competitively won studentship from the UK Energy Research Centre (http://www.ukerc.ac.uk/support/Home) and took an interdisciplinary approach to assessing renewable energy potential in upland communities. This research looked at both the physical and societal dimensions of community-based renewables, using a mixture of spatial (GIS), quantitative and qualitative methods. The main outputs from this thesis can be found in my publications, specifically the papers on the regional-scale renewable resource assessment (Gormally et al., 2012), community attitudes to localised energy (Gormally et al., 2013) and community-level energy scenarios (in review). Having completed an interdisciplinary PhD my research interests have broaden considerably and I am keen to continue in research that utilises such a mixed methods approach.

I feel very fortunate to have been engaged in research in such and exciting and important area and I am keen to expand my research within energy and sustainability in the future. I am currently interested in society/infrastructure interactions and governance, the role of trusted knowledge, knowledge networks and dissemination and communities of practice in influencing or changing sustainable behaviours.

You can follow me on twitter @am_gormally. 

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