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Dr Allison Hui

Lecturer in Sociology

Allison Hui

Bowland North



Tel: +44 1524 510791

Research overview

My research is driven by a curiosity about changes in everyday life in the context of global mobilities of people, objects, and resources. I’m particularly interested in using theories of social practice to understand the dynamics of heterogeneous mobilities, and have studied cases of leisure, tourism, new media art and return migration. As a part of the DEMAND Centre, I work on projects looking at infrastructural adaptations and conceptualizing energy use in everyday life. I also have an interest in developing creative methodological and engagement tools for diverse communities, and will be contributing to this aspect of DEMAND’s work.

PhD supervision

I would be happy to work with students whose projects relate to my areas of interest, including everyday life; mobilities (including tourism, transport, migration, global networks and circulation); theories of practice; consumption; material objects, cultures and networks; infrastructures and dynamics of energy demand.


As an Academic Fellow, I spend one half of my time doing teaching and administration in the Department of Sociology and the other half working as a researcher within the DEMAND Centre.

For more detailed discussion of past and present research projects, please visit my personal website.

Current Teaching

I am teaching a hands-on methodological course for undergraduates (SOCL 201 Skills for researching social life) and a block of Part I Media and Cultural Studies addressing Consumption, culture and communication.

Web Links

I co-established, curate and contribute to two website/blogs:

1. The Nexus of Practices http://thenexusofpractices.wordpress.com - this site profiles the book that I co-edited with Theodore Schatzki and Elizabeth Shove, which presents new theoretical contributions to theories of practice. It also houses resources related to contemporary theories of practice.

2. Practice Theory Methodologies http://practicetheorymethodologies.wordpress.com - this site, which is co-curated by Hilmar Schaefer and includes blog posts from varied contributors, seeks to provide an online space for propositions, resources and discussions related to methodologies that are developed in conjunction with practice theories.

Professional Role

I am an Advisory Board Member of the Centre for Mobilities Research.

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