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Professor Allyson Fiddler


Allyson Fiddler

Lancaster University

Bowland North



Tel: +44 1524 592471

Research overview

My research interests encompass contemporary German-speaking culture in a number of forms - literary, filmic, and more broadly socio-political. I'm very interested in the Nobel-prize-winning author Elfriede Jelinek and continue to publish articles and chapters on her work.  My recent work and publications have focused on issues concerning literary and cultural protest, or resistance against the extreme right in present-day Austria. 

PhD supervision

Contemporary German Cultural and Literary Studies, including film studies, single-author/playwright/film-maker studies, women's studies, and especially interested in Austrian Studies

Current Teaching

GERM 100/101: German Studies Part I, 'German in Context'

GERM 200: German Language: Oral Skills

GERM 201: German Language: Written Skills

GERM 233: Becoming German: Identity formation in modern German society and culture

DELC 212: Society on Screen: The Language of Film

DELC 352: Images of Austria: National Identity and Cultural Representation

DELC 320: Dissertation supervision

Research Interests

My main research focus currently is towards a monograph entitled Resisting Haiderisation. This will contextualise and analyse various different forms of cultural resistance to the populist right-wing in Austria. The impetus is presented by the rise to instutional power of Austria's Freedom Party (FPÖ) in 2000 when it formed a coalition government with the People's Party. Since that time there have been a great number of works, texts, performances, films, essays, songs and so on that have consciously expressed resistance and criticism of this turn to the right. My book will provide a context for reading some of the more important examples.

My recent publications have focused on intercultural themes in contemporary, Austrian culture, dealing, for example, with Austrian-Slovenian cultural history and conflict, with multicultural influences in twenty-first century literature and film, with the representation of sport in culture and as constitutive of national identity, and with popular music and films as examples of cultural protest.

Additional Information

Editorial and International Boards

I am a member of the international advisory and editorial boards of the journal Austrian Studies, the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre (based at the Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies, London) and the Elfriede Jelinek Forschungszentrum, Vienna.

The Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre in Vienna is on line at: http://www.praesens.at/elfriede-jelinek-forschungszentrum/.

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