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Andy Yuille

Research student

B114 Bowland North Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YN


United Kingdom

Thesis Title

Affective planning for environmental change: participation and innovation in neighbourhhods, catchments and natural areas

Thesis Outline

My PhD research project is exploring innovative forms of participatory planning for environmental change, focusing on neighbourhood planning, a form of small-scale, community-led land use planning introduced to England by the Localism Act 2011. I am particularly interested in whether there are structural factors about this process that will facilitate the articulation and translation into evidence and policy of affective knowledge and value: ways of knowing and valuing that are often silenced or suppressed through conventional decision-making processes.

Research Grants

I am currently in receipt of an ESRC +3 CASE studentship, in partnership with the Department for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra)


BA (Hons) Philosophy 2:1 (Lancaster University)

MA (distinction) Values and the environment (Lancaster University)

Contact me

Email me at a.yuille1@lancaster.ac.uk

Research overview

After completing my Masters degree in the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy at Lancaster in 2005, I worked until October 2014 with a number of environmental charities and community groups, primarily the Campaign to Protect Rural England, on issues around planning for environmental change. This led to my research interest in how different forms of knowing and valuing are included or excluded, legitimised or silenced by decision-making processes. I am using STS-based resources and approaches to explore these issues.

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