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Dr Annabelle Edwards

Senior Research Associate, Research Student

Annabelle Edwards

Lancaster University

Furness Building



United Kingdom

Research overview

I am currently a Senior Research Associate in the ARC-NWC Equitable Place Based Health and Care theme (EPHC). In this role I am leading on a developmental research project exploring the role of the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector in one Integrated Care System (ICS). This research will lead into the development of funding proposals for a larger comparative study on the role of the VCFSE sector within different ICSs; research that we believe will help to inform and improve the development of VCFSE engagement within ICSs.


Broader research interests:

By training I am a cultural and health geographer, and I am particularly interested in post-phenomenology, feminism, 'therapeutic landscapes' and critiquing the wellbeing agenda. 


Thesis awarded (April 2020): 'A post-phenomenological study of 'therapeutic landscape' experiences'

Career Details

Research positions at Lancaster


September - December 

Senior Research Associate - Health Research ARC-NWC 

June - September

Research Associate - Health Research 

January - March 

Research Associate - Medical School



Previous teaching experience: 


SOCL 101 – Sociological Imagination – 2018-2019

Human Geography:

LEC 115 – Geographical Skills – 2015-201C

LEC 115 – Geographical Skills: Manchester field trip  2016, 2017, 2018                                    

LEC 210A – Qualitative Methods in Human Geography 2015-2019                                              

LEC 327 - Geographies of Health – 2015-2017                                                                   

LEC 326 – Cities and Globalisation – 2018-2020

Research Grants