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Anupam Mazumdar supervises 7 postgraduate research students. Some of the students have produced research profiles, these are listed below:

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Dr Anupam Mazumdar


Anupam Mazumdar


Tel: +44 1524 594928

Career Details


1997 - 2000:   PhD from Imperial College, London, UK 

2000 - 2002:   Postdoctoral Fellow, ICTP, Trieste, Italy

2002 - 2004:   CITA National Fellow, McGill University, Canada


2004 - 2007:   Assistant Professor of NORDITA, Copenhagen, Denmark

2008 - 2013:   Honorary Associate Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015:         :   JSPS Award, Japan 


Research Interests



I am interested in following topics:

(1) Early Universe Cosmology, Inflation, Preheating/Reheating, Non-Gaussianity

(2) Embedding Inflation within Particle and String theory

(3) Primordial Gravitational waves, Cosmological sources, Lattice simulations

(4) Common origin behind Dark matter & Baryogenesis

(5) Resolving cosmological and blackhole singularitites

(6) Asymptotically free and ghost free theory of Quantum Gravity, UV Completion of Einstein's Gravity

(7) Beyond the Standard Model, SUSY, MSSM Flat Directions, Q-Balls, Topological and Non-topological Solitons

(8) Primordial magnetic field and its geneartions

(9) Cosmobiology & habitability or habitable zones in the Universe


Web Links


The paper entitled "The quest for cradles of life: using the fundamental metallicity relation to hunt for the most habitable type of galaxy", accepted for publication in ApJ letters (http://arxiv.org/abs/1507.04346), has 
attracted wide media attention:


In this paper, we have developed the first formalism that allows us to go through more than a hundred thousand galaxies in the local Universe to answer the question "Which type of galaxy is most suitable for hosting life in the cosmos"? This is possibly the first work that puts astrobiology into the context of the cosmos as a whole. Combining both our understanding of habitability and galaxy evolution, our results indicate that metal-rich, star-formation devoid, shapeless giant elliptical galaxies at least twice as massive as the Milky Way can potentially host ten thousand times as many habitable planets, making them the most probable "cradles of life" in the Universe.

SUSY & Inflation:



My Role

Current PhD/Graduate Students:

Lingfei Wang :  Inflationary cosmology, Primordial density perturbations 

Ernestas Pukartas : Supersymmetry, Dark matter, Electroweak Baryogenesis

Aindriu Conroy :  Asymptotic Freedom for gravity,  Cosmological & Blackhole Singularity

Spyridon Talaganis : Quantum gravity, Higher derivative theory of gravity

Saleh Qutub : Dark matter

Ilia Teimouri: Supergravity

Frederic Mouton :  Eternal Inflation


My Role

Post-Doctoral Fellows :

Amjad Ashoorioon :   Cosmological perturbations

Bhupal Dev : Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter, Leptogenesis, BSM Physics


Contact me

If you wish to do PhD at Lancaster on: Inflationary Cosmology, Beyond the Standard Model Physics, Supersymmetric Cosmology, Dark Matter & Baryogenesis, Primordial Gravitational Waves, Asymptotically Free Quantum Gravity and its connection to String field theory, Resolution of Big Bang Cosmological singularity & Blackhole Singularity, contact me for further information:a.mazumdar@lancaster.ac.uk

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