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Dr Anupama Garg

Formerly at Lancaster University

Current Teaching

  • Problem Based Learning Facilitator, Centre for Medical Education.
  • Co-convenor, Public Health Module, Masters Online Distance Learning Programme, Division of Health Research

Research Interests

I examined the nature of doctors' experience of racism at work, its effect on their own and their wives' well-being, and how racism-related stresses and strains travel between spouses for my doctoral study 'Racism at work: Indian origin doctors' and their wives' well-being'.

I drew upon Black feminism and cognitive mediational stress theory of Lazarus to design this study, and collected a large amount of data through in-depth interviews from both spouses. This data not only challenged the existing individualistic conceptulisation and analysis of well-being but also enabled me to propose a dualistic concept and analysis of married heterosexual individuals' well-being. I have also used the concept of pathways in an original way to present inter-spouse stress and strain transfer processes.

To disseminate the findings of my doctoral work, I was awarded the post-doctoral fellowship by the ESRC (Oct 2007 - Sept 2008). I published parts of my doctoral thesis, presented papers at national and international conferences, hosted a conference, and developed greater interest in research ethics during this period. My interest in research ethics recently led to an opportunity to co-develop a 'practical research ethics' module (to be convened in summer 2010) for the Masters Online Distance Learning Programme offered by the Division of Health Research.

Additional Information


Garg, A. (2008). Sampling hurdles: 'Borderline illegitimate' to legitimate data. International

Journal of Qualitative Methods, 7(4), https://ejournals.library.ualberta.ca/index.php/IJQM/article/view/3133/3816

Garg, A. (2008). Researching ethnicity, racism-related stress at work, and professionals' well-being. Diversity in Health and Social Care, 5(2), 165-66.

Garg, A. (2006). My experience of interviewing a "crusader participant": Tips for fellow researchers. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 5(4, Article 6), http://www.ualberta.ca/~ijqm/english/engframeset.html

Garg, A. (2005). Interview reflections: A first generation migrant Indian woman researcher interviewing a first generation migrant Indian man. Journal of Gender Studies, 14(2), 147-152.

Garg, A., & Turtle, K. (2003). Effectiveness of training health professionals in literature search skills using electronic health databases: a critical appraisal. Health Information and Libraries Journal, 20(1), 33-41.

(Some of these articles are available from Lancaster Eprints)

Conference Presentations

Garg, A. (2008). Doctors' orders: Ethnicity and social class by IV for racism at work. Paper presented at the Organizational psychology and ethnicity at work: Research agenda, approaches, and perspectives. Birkbeck College. University of London. July 2008.

Garg, A. (2008). Workplace segmentation and Indian-origin male doctors' well-being. Paper presented at the conference - Making Connections for Health, ISA Research Committee on Sociology of Health RC15 Interim Meeting and The Canadian Medical Sociology Association Inaugural Meeting, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, May 2008.

Garg, A. (2008). 'Migrant male Indian doctors and their wives: Breach of colonial expectations and mental dissonance'. Paper presented at the British Association of South Asian Studies Conference. University of Leicester. Mar 2008.

Garg, A. (2008). 'Racism at work: Indian-origin male doctors' well-being'. Researching ethnicity, racism-related stress at work, and professionals' well-being conference. Organiser: Institute for Health Research, Lancaster University. Feb 2008.

Garg A (2007) 'R[...] at work (Hush!) and Indian origin doctors' well-being'. Paper presented at the International Doctors' Health Conference. Sydney. Oct 2007. For PowerPoint presentation go to http://www.esrcsocietytoday.ac.uk/ESRCInfoCentre/ViewOutputPage.aspx?data=v9XrjLJ6xhFeMSea4YL515E8J4%2f39%2f7LEHpFT1iWKSnyMMoBYjUsXj2j%2boUK4VgA&xu=18113&isAwardHolder=True&isProfiled=&AwardHolderID=154108&Sector=Academic

Garg A (2007) 'Racism at work: Inter-spouse stress and strain transfer'. Paper presented at the Triennial Work, Employment and Society Conference: Beyond these shores, sinking or swimming in the globalised economy. University of Aberdeen. Sept 2007. (For full text go to Lancaster Eprints)

Garg A (2007) 'Patelism, a strategy, and Indian doctors' well-being'. Annual Conference of British Association of South Asian Studies. St. Catherine's College, University of Cambridge. Mar 2007.

Garg A (2006) 'Patelism and Indian doctors' well-being'. Centre for Mobilities Research Day. Lancaster University. May 2006.

Garg A (2005) 'English language, social class and interviewing Indian men'. National Day Conference - 'Race' and social research: issues of methodology, ethics and practice. York. Organisers: Centre for Social Inclusion & Social Justice and Institute for Applied Ethics, University of Hull, Nov 2005.

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