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Beth Richardson

Formerly at Lancaster University

Beth Richardson


In 2008 I graduated from the University of Stirling with a 1st Class honours degree in Psychology, followwed by an MSc with Distinction in Psychological Research Methods. I started my PhD at Lancaster in 2009 supervised by Dr Paul J. Taylor. My PhD research investigated the moderating effects of power and context on verbal mimicry and the potential for accomodation to engender cooperation between speakers, for example in negotiaions and police interrogations. 

Currently, I am worked as a Senior Research Associate with Dr Paul J. Taylor on a project exaiming language priming, emotion and linguistic cues to deception.

My research interests span social psychology, forensic psychology and linguistics,with a focus on language, power and cooperation. I typical address these question in face-to-face interactions and have a particular interest in situations where communication is difficult: 

  • power dynamics
  • language style and mimicry
  • Accomodation Theory
  • Dyadic and group interaction
  • Humam cooperation
  • Priming
  • Deception and Emotion
  • Language and Deception
  • Police Interviews

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