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Bowen Lou

Research student

Bowen Lou

Lancaster University

The Management School




I am a PhD student in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Management School, Lancaster University. 


Research overview

My research focuses on how does top management teams make strategic decisions in a dynamic environment. I am interested in the strategic decision-making process from the perspective of cognition, such as comprehensiveness and intuition. 



Research Interests

Strategic Decision Making

Managerial Cognition

Top Management Teams

Organizational Politics

Supervised By

My PhD project is supervised by Professor Duncan Angwin and Dr Ioannis Thanos 

Research Grants

My doctoral research is funded by: LUMS Management School Studentship.

Current Teaching

I am the Graduate Teaching Assistant for MNGT 301 (Principles of Strategic Management) and ENSI 101 (Entrepreneurship: Key Debates and Concepts)

Contact me

Department: Entrepreneurship And Strategy, Management School Office

Office: C 90, Management School