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Professor Caroline Elliott

Formerly at Lancaster University

PhD supervision

The UK Independent School Sector; The Chinese Film Industry

Research Interests

Industrial Economics, focusing on pricing and advertising strategies, and the impacts of competition policy.

Economics of Education, particularly business education and the independent school sector.

Current Teaching


Econ 331 Industrial Organisation

Econ 100 Microeconomics


MSc and PhD supervisions

External Roles

Associate and Departmental contact for The Economics Network.

Professional Role

Director of the MSc in Economics


BA Oxford, MA, PhD Manchester


Caroline Elliott is a senior lecturer in Economics in the Department of Economics, Management School. She previously worked at the University of Manchester, and has also taught at the University of Kentucky. In 1998 she was awarded the Sir Alastair Pilkington University of Lancaster Teaching Award and in 2001 was one of the first winners of a national economics LTSN lecturing award. She obtained her degree in P.P.E. at Oxford University, her MA and doctorate in Economics from the University of Manchester. Caroline specialises in Industrial Economics. While her early publications investigated the relationship between unemployment and crime, some of her more recent work has focused on game theoretic and empirical models of advertising, and analyses of competition and regulatory issues. She is currently working on applied economics models of the education and entertainment industries.

Current Research

Theoretical and empirical studies of competition related issues; empirical advertising and signalling models, with application to education and entertainment industries

Current Teaching

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