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Dr Caroline Tutton-Wood

Former Research Student

Caroline Tutton-Wood

My Role

PhD Student/ Researcher/ HEA Scholar


Caroline Tutton is the HEA Scholarship student currently studying towards a doctorate degree within the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University.



Thesis Title

Engaging 'non-traditional' students for retention and success within Higher Education

Supervised By

Dr Paul Ashwin

Research Grants

Caroline is the PhD Scholarship candidate and her research is funded by the Higher Education Academy.

Research overview

Caroline is currently investigating the experience of non-traditional student engagement for first year Undergraduate students, within three of the top Highly Engaging Universities in the country. Particular focus is drawn upon 'student-led’ initiatives and how they can assist with enhancing student engagement throughout their first academic year within Higher Education.  Student intentions to persist with Higher Education are also of particular interest and how the Student Experience of engagement can be used to assist with increasing retention and success for this category of students through future policy and pedagogy. Global student engagement is also of interest and how engagement is perceived and experiences in different countries and contexts within Higher Education. 

Research Interests

Student Engagement, Higher Education, Inclusivity, Non-Traditional Students, Enhancing the Student Experience of Engagement within Higher Education. Student-led initiatives. 

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