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Chabha Ben Ali Amer

Research student

Chabha Ben Ali Amer

Lancaster University

County College



Research overview

I am particularly interested in Contemporary Algerian Literature (Francophone and Arabic literature), post-postcolonialism, and globalization. My research also pays close attention to the change of the Romanesque genre in this millennium, and new forms of reading and critical analyses.

Current Research

My thesis investigates the contemporary Algerian literature (of post-black decade) and presents textual readings and critical analysis which go beyond the archaic representations of the Algerian novel, and transcend the sociological readings that constantly link it to war and past traumas. I argue that rather being largely concerned with interior proper politics and fixate on the past, the contemporary Algerian novel provokes a larger exploration of global aesthetics and attempts to go beyond territorial and national matters that have been exhaustively researched in postcolonial studies.

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