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Cosmin Popan

Research student

Cosmin Popan

Bowland North Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YN


United Kingdom

Tel (mobile): 07460311013

Web: http://www.cosminpopan.co

Research overview


My PhD thesis investigates the possibilities for everyday urban cycling to become a socio-technical system that replaces automobility. This exercise requires two necessary conditions: a utopian vision and a de-growth agenda. My thesis focuses on three aspects of a putative bicycle system: First, there are the cycling sensescapes: how senses operate differently, how some are awakened and others reconfigured, how sensory tolerances are built. Second, there are the sociabilities of cycling together, creating the skills and confidences needed for a successful mass practice. Third, there are infrastructures, both physical and non-physical, whose promises of speed and progress I challenge.

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