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David Elliott

Research student

David Elliott

Lancaster University




United Kingdom

Current Teaching

Graduate Teaching Assistant

PSYC207: Personality and Individual Differences

Research overview

My main research interest is clinical neuroscience with developmental populations.

I use Electroencephalography (EEG) to measure the electrical activity generated from firing neurons to gain information on perception and neural processing. Often changes in the electrical activity is measured in response to stimuli presentations and the timing and frequencies of these changes can be associated with different cognitive functions.

I am interested in how we can use EEG to aid our understanding of developmental disorders (Absence epilepsy and Autism), infant perception (action and emotion perception), and how we can incorporate new statistical methods into EEG methodology (changepoint analysis).


MSc Developmental Disorders (Distinction)

BSc Psychology (First Class)

Current Research

My current research will investigate the use of a portable EEG device, incorporated into glasses, to aid the assessment and post-treatment evaluation of absence epilepsy seizures. This research, which will be conducted alongside staff at the Royal Preston Hospital, will cover several issues:

- The usability of device for patients and clinical staff

- EEG data quality

- Testing and development of seizure detection algorithms

Research Grants

1+3 North West Doctoral Training Scholar funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Thesis Title

The assessment and post-treatment evaluation of absence epilepsy seizures

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