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Declan Lloyd

Research student

Declan Lloyd

Lancaster University

County College



Tel: +44 7869 032377

Research overview

My thesis is currently entitled 'The Implicit Art: Transposing Art and Rendering Orality in Literature From Stein and Beyond'. My research looks at how a series of authors go about transposing art into the literary and I am interested in how they do this in a way which would be considered implicit rather than explicit. By implicit I mean without directly referring to an artwork, artist or movement, or by way of allusion or ekphrasis or other like terms. For example I might look at how an author's use of language, their style or tone or poetics, takes influence from or shares an affinity with an artist or movement. I look at four authors, who are all influenced heavily by a particular artist and associated movement. These are Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso, William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, J. G. Ballard and Salvador Dali and Douglas Coupland and Andy Warhol. I am particularly interested in how these authors and artists all engage with what Marshall McLuhan, Walter Ong and others call orality. Orality being a term which distinguishes cultures of a preliterate mentality, which is an entirely different order of consciousness. I argue that, in the process of attempting to move or transpose art into their literary work and engage more aesthetic categories at all levels and subtleties, that orality, and the traits associated with this mentality, are somehow made more manifest, they rise to the surface in all shapes and forms.