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Dr Dmitry Yumashev

Senior Research Associate

Dmitry Yumashev

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 595090


I am a mathematical modeller specialising in Climate Policy and Sustainability in general, including various aspects of climate science and economics. I have worked in the UK for a number of years and also briefly in the Netherlands, and am currently based at the Pentland Centre for Sustainability of Business, Lancaster University. While at the Pentland Centre, I have been involved in the EU-funded ICE-ARC project, investigating regional and global impacts of climate change in the Arctic, and also worked on an e-waste quantification project with REPIC UK. Most recently, I have joined the Soil Value project to undertake scenario and uncertainty analysis for terrestrial models, with the aim to help estimate the value of soil services and soil-related risks using model outputs.

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