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Dr Dmitry Yumashev

Senior Research Associate

Dmitry Yumashev

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 595090


Dmitry Yumashev is an experienced mathematical modeller specialising in sustainability, including various aspects of climate science, economics and policy. He previously worked at the University of Manchester (UK) and Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), and is currently based at the Pentland Centre for Sustainability of Business, Lancaster University. While at the Pentland Centre, Dmitry played an active role in the EU-funded ICE-ARC project, leading an international team of researchers to estimate regional and global economic impacts of climate change in the Arctic. He also co-led two UK e-waste quantification projects, during which he employed economic modelling results to carry out a series of consultations with the electronics manufacturing and recycling sectors, and with UK government. Most recently, Dmitry has worked for the Soil Value project to undertake scenario and uncertainty analysis for terrestrial models, with the aim to estimate the value of soil services and soil-related risks using model outputs.

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