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Douglas Booker

Research Student

Douglas Booker

Lancaster University

LEC Building




Driven by the pursuit of social justice: Environmentally, it is often people of lower socio-economic status that are worst affected by air pollution. That is why I want to apply high-quality data sets to public policy/public health initiatives.

Research overview

My PhD project seeks to understand the relationship between indoor air pollution and socioeconomic status: are those from lower socio-economic background more likely to be exposed to higher concentrations of indoor air pollution?

Previous research has suggested that “air pollution follows the poor”, however, this was based on ambient air pollution. Considering the fact that we spend 90% of our time indoors, we do not fully understand the nature of this relationship.

This research will be strongly grounded in public policy, as it hopes to and develop policy proposals to mitigate potential issues. For example, during air pollution episodes in London, it is often suggested to stay inside: perhaps this is not such an informed policy proposal!

Business and Enterprise

Co-founder and Managing Director of NAQTS Ltd.

We're a UK based social enterprise looking to improve awareness of indoor air quality. We believe that understanding your indoor air quality is a holistic enterprise: That’s why we measure all pollutants, not just one. We offer an affordable, integrated solution, that utilises state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Moreover, by building a library of pollutant data, we can make informed choices to improve air quality. Data can be shown to policy makers to protect public health from adverse effects of indoor exposure to air pollution, and to eliminate or reduce to a minimum exposure to those pollutants that are known or are likely to be hazardous.

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