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Dr Drew Hemment

Formerly at Lancaster University

Drew Hemment

PhD supervision

Art & Technology

The City and Technology

Social Technologies

Collaborative Art

Technology and Society

Sustainability in Urban Environments

Open Source Culture


Current Teaching

Co-Director, MA ProCAP Professional Contemporary Arts Practice, Lancaster University

Lecturer, Design 101, Lancaster University

Guest Speaker, Design Thinking & Research Methods, MA Design Management, Lancaster University


Research Interests

Drew Hemment is Associate Director of ImaginationLancaster. He explores the connections between people, emerging technologies and possible futures. In his research, art offers a set of resources for envisioning social and technological change in a way that is inherently participatory, and for opening up disruptive spaces of play.

His artistic and curatorial research investigates new artforms, new kinds of art object, unimagined forms of dissemination, wholly different configurations of art, artist and audience, new opportunities for audience experience, and previously unseen forms of content creation in a connected world.

His digital innovation research investigates the successful implementation of new ways to work, learn, play and create in a computerised, networked and collaborative world. Recent digital innovation projects have been on open data, remote collaboration, new mobilities and environmental mass observation.

This work is outward-facing, and Hemment acts as an intermediary, creating connections across the creative and digital economy spanning arts, policy, industry, research and various communities.

He contributes to debates in cultural leadership, investigating new business models for digital organisations and artists based on agile, entrepreneurial ways of working across culture, RND, business, and other sectors.

Hemment is Founder and Director of FutureEverything, an art and digital innovation organisation that runs year-round innovation labs and an annual festival of art, music and ideas. It is an award winning, world-class organisation using mass participation in creativity and social innovation to bring the future into the present. It has a very strong global network and international profile, and is recognised around the world for leading pioneering projects and important international debates.

Areas of research interest include Art; Digital Innovation; Open Data; Smart Cities; Technology and Society; Mass Participation; Social Sensing; Environment; Locative Media; Open Source Culture.

He has curated numerous exhibitions on art and social technologies, including the first major art exhibition on mobile and locative media (Mobile Connections, 2004) and the first major art exhibition on social networking (Social Networking Unplugged, 2008).

Hemment's art projects include Loca: Set To Discoverable, a collaborative project on mobile media and surveillance which premiered atpremiered at ISEA2006 and ZeroOne in San Jose, California combining art installation, pervasive design, software engineering, activism, hardware hacking, SMS poetry, sticker art and ambient performance. Deploying an experimental 'node network' covering downtown San Jose for 7 days, it tracked and engaged with 2,500 people more than 500,000 times.

Hemment's research and artistic work has been covered prominently by New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and NBC.



Appointments include

Director of FutureEverything, a creative, research-active Community Interest Company (CIC), awarded Regularly Funded Organisation (RFO) status by Arts Council England.

Chair of International Jury for Futuresonic Urban Festival of Art, Music and Ideas (1995 to date)

International Jury for UNESCO DigiArts Award 2005 (Seoul, 2005)

International Jury for Telemig Celular arte.mov, International Festival of Art and Mobile Media (Brazil, 2006)

Chair of Programming Group for Social Technologies Summit (2006 to date)

The first international curator on the Programming Group of the Sonar International Festival (Barcelona, 2006)

Chair of the EVNTS professional network (2006 to date)

Member of international committee for Mobile Music Technology Working Group (2005 to 2007)

Co-investigater in Pervasive and Locative Arts Network (EPSRC Culture & Creativity Network, 2004-2007)

Partner in Mobile Digital Commons Network in Canada (2005-2007)

UK representative in Creative Crossings UK-Finnish-Canadian consortium (2004-2006)

Member of working group for Pacific Rim New Media Summit (PRNMS, 2006)

Member of working group for urban media seminar group, Art Center Nabi, South Korea (2005)

Convener of Migrations international working group (2002-2006)

Member of UNESCO DigiArts African community and Creative Cities Network (2005).


Selected Publications

Hemment, D (2008-9) Social Networking Unplugged, Manchester, Leeds, London, Future Everything, 1-17 May 2008 and ongoing (Exhibition)Hemment, D (2007) Art For Shopping Centres, Manchester Arndale, Future Everything, 10-20 May 2007 (Exhibition)

Hemment, Humphries, Evans, Raento (2006) Loca: Set To Discoverable, ISEA2006 / ZeroOne San Jose, International Symposium of Electronic Arts, 3-10 Apr 06 (Artwork)

Hemment, D (2006)'Locative Arts', Leonardo (39:4), Roger Malina ed., pp.348-56, MIT Press, 2006

Hemment, D ed. (2006) Guest Editor, Locative Media (2006) Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 14:3, 2006

Hemment, D. with Ascaso, O. A. and de Vicente, J. L. (2006) Always On, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Sonar06, 2006 (Exhibition)

Hemment, D (2006) 'Loca: Location Oriented Critical Arts', The Hothaus Papers: Paradigms and Perspectives in Media Arts, J. Gibbons & K. Winwood, pp.163-166, Vivid Publication in association with Article Press, UCE, 2006

Hemment, D (2006)'Locative Arts and Mobile Media', International Festival of Art and Mobile Media, Telemig Celular arte.mov, Brazil, Keynote paper, Oct-06

Hemment, D (2005)'The Mobile Effect', Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, Special Issue: Mobile Phones, J. Knight & A. Weedon with J. Steemers, 32-40, Volume 11. Number 2 (Summer 2005)

Hemment, D (2005) Off The Map, Museum of Science and Industry Manchester, Future Everything, 20-28 July 2005 (Exhibition)

Hemment, D & Fallows, C (2005) Instrument, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, Future Everything, 20-28 July 05 (Exhibition)

  • Published

    The sociality of stillness

    Lan, K. H. T., Voilmy, D., Buscher, M. & Hemment, D. 05/2013 Interaction and mobility: language and the body in motion. Haddington, P., Mondada, L. & Nevile, M. (eds.). Berlin: De Gruyter, p. 371-406 36 p. (Linguae & Litterae ; vol. 20)

    Research output: Contribution in Book/Report/ProceedingsChapter (peer-reviewed)

  • Published


    Salinas, L., Porter, J., Hemment, D. & Woods, M. 2015

    Research output: Other contribution

  • Published

    Re-writing the city: negotiating and reflecting on data streams

    Potts, R. , Hemment, D. , Lindley, J. , Thomas, V. & 28 others Abel, P., Fox, M., Thomson, C., Gajdos, P., Li, S., Vazquez, A. D., Barraclough, R., Schliwa, G., Turner, S., Devitt, J., MacDonald, J., Lee, A., Trueblood, C., Maxwell, D., Mehrpouya, H., Woods, M., Walsh, V., Moisy, A., Islamoglu, G., Sherriff, G., Devitt, L., Jennings, K., Speed, C., Tynan-O'Mahony, F., Gebhardt, V-K., Trimble, L., Raikes, R. & Monsen, K. 07/2015 British HCI '15 Proceedings of the 2015 British HCI Conference. New York, NY, USA: ACM, p. 147-156 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution in Book/Report/ProceedingsConference contribution

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