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Erman Ekingen

Research student

Lancaster University

Bowland North




Erman started study Ph.D. in Law at Lancaster University in January 2018. He studied LL.M. in International Commercial Law at the University of Nottingham and awarded the degree in 2017. He has LL.B. degree and BA in International Trade and Business degree from Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. He is a qualified lawyer in Turkey.

Current Research

His current research lies within the EU Competition Law. As a natural consequence of the development of trade, different environments where trade can begin also began to occur. The concept of trade, which first started in small regions, reached to intercity and inter-country dimensions over time. With the development of technology and the introduction of the internet into a human's life, many borders on the concept of trade have been removed. When it is thought of all these developments, it is obvious that one of the most important new environments for trade is multi-sided platforms. The digital economy and e-commerce are predominantly marked by them in today’s world. Multisided platforms aim at facilitating and enabling interaction between different groups of users and these users are connected indirectly in these platforms. Because of the existence of indirect network effect in the relation of multi-sided platform’s sides, measuring the unfair practices which against the competition law is very hard. His study discusses how online platforms work in digital markets and according to some special practices in which consumers have a very effective role or being a major object of it, exploring how competition rules can provide equity between sides of the platforms. 


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Supervised By

Mr Angus MacCulloch

Dr Mary Guy