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Professor Fiona Lobban


Fiona Lobban

Faculty Of Health And Medicine



Tel: +44 1524 593752

Research overview

The aim of my research is to improve the evidence base for psychological interventions for people with severe and enduring mental health problems and their families, with a particular focus on developing easily accessible interventions to radically increase access to evidence based psychological care

Current Research

  1. Bipolar is a Two Edged Sword – exploring the positive edge. (ongoing)
  2. Joint lead for work package “Web wellbeing”. on North West Coast CLAHRC (2013) “Improving Mental Health” theme
  3. “Like a ship that’s always righting itself”. Self-management of bipolar disorder, from evidence to action. Awarded to CREST-BD (International Collaborative Research Team into psychosocial issues in bipolar disorder) – led by Erin Michelak. Collaborator. Canadian Institute for Health Research CIHR 'Knowledge to Action' grant (2013-2015)
  4. Lobban, F., Jones, S., Dagnan, D., (2013 – 2017). Exploring the Concept of Therapeutic Alliance in Online Psychosocial Interventions for people with mental health problems. ESRC CASE studentship North West Doctoral Training College (PI)
  5. Lobban, F & Jones, S (2013-2014). Involving relatives in mental health care. Violet and Milo Cripps Trust. Lord Milo Memorial Fellowship Extension (PI)
  6. Chatzidamianos, C., Jones, S., Lobban, F. (2013 – 2014). Working in partnership with carers and promoting carer involvement. Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. (PI)
  7. Lobban, F., Dodd, A., Jones, S., Diggle, P., Mallinson, S., Stevenson-Turner, K., Dagnan, D., (2012 –2015). A Pilot Study to Assess the Feasibility of a Web-based Intervention for Prevention of Relapse in Bipolar Disorder (ERP-Online). NIHR: Research for Patient Benefit.  (PI)
  8. Jones, S., Lobban, F., Mayes, D., Calam, R., Diggle, P., Parker, R., Sanders, M. (2012-2014). Web-based Integrated Bipolar Parenting Intervention for Bipolar Parents of Young Children. Medical Research Council – Experimental Medicine for Mental Health. (co-I)
  9. Jones, S., & Lobban, F. (2012-2013) Development and Evaluation of National Bipolar Disorder Demonstration Site. IAPT/Department of Health (co-I)
  10. Popay, J., et al (inc Lobban, F.) (2011 – 2013) What are the impacts of user involvement in health and social care research and how can they be measured? Medical Research Council Application ID: 25434. (co-I)
  11. Jones, S., Lobban, F. (2011 – 2012) Recovery focused individual psychological therapy for established bipolar disorder. Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust – (co-I)
  12. Jones, S., Lobban F., (2010 – 2014) Post-doctoral fellowship in memory of Lord Milo Douglas. Victoria and Milo Cripps Trust
  13. Lobban, F & Husain, N. (2010-2011). Cultural adaptation of a self management toolkit for relatives of people experiencing first episode psychosis. Manchester Mental health and Social Care Trust – FSF NIHR grant (PI)
  14. Lobban, F. & Jones, S. (2009- 2012). Web –based self management intervention for people with bipolar spectrum disorders. Mersey Care NHS Trust R&D (PI)
  15. Lobban, F., Glentworth, D., Pinfold, V., Minns, V., Dunn, G., Larkin, W., Haddock, G., (2009- 2012). An evaluation of the feasibility and effectiveness of a supported self management package for relatives of people with recent onset psychosis. NIHR research for patient benefit. PB-PG-0807-14075 (PI)
  16. Lobban, F., (2009-2011) Developing the REACT study. Comprehensive Local Research Network- Cumbria and Lancashire. (PI)
  17. Jones, S., Morriss, R., Kapur, N., Barrowclough, C., Lobban, F., Davies, L., Porceddu, K., Roberts, C., Bartlett, P., Pitt, L., Peters, S., (2008-2013) Reducing relapse and suicide in bipolar disorder: Practical clinical approaches to identifying risk, reducing harm and engaging service users in planning and delivery of care. NIHR Programme grant, RP-PG-0407-10389 (co-I)
  18. Marshall, M., Lewis, S., Warburton, J., Lovell, K., Lobban, F., Drake, R., Davies, L., Barrowclough, C., Dunn, G., Lester, H., Husain, N., Wearden, A., (2007-2012) The H.E.L.P.E.R. Programme (HEalthy Living and Prevention of Early Relapse). NIHR Programme Grant. RP-PG-0606-1302 (co-I)
  19. Current PhD & Doctorate Supervision

    1. Laura Wainwright (2009-2013) Carers needs and self management in bipolar disorder and psychosis   (Primary supervisor). NIHR funded PhD
    2. Heather Robinson (2009-2013) Process of change in early warning sign detection in bipolar disorder (Primary supervisor). NIHR funded PhD
    3. Kay Hampshire (2009-2013) Relationships between anxiety symptoms, mood and appraisal in bipolar disorder (Second supervisor). NIHR funded PhD
    4. Faye Banks (2009-2013) Identifying mechanisms of change in Quality of Life and Relapse in Group Psychoeducation for Bipolar Disorder (Second supervisor). PhD Lancaster University Award Studentship
    5. Laura Hillier (2013-2017) Therapeutic alliance in online interventions. (Primary supervisor). ESRC CASE studentship 1+3 PhD (Primary supervisor)
    6. Barbara Mezes (2013 – 2016). Recovery in Bipolar Disorder. Faculty studentship. (Second supervisor)
    7. Anna Clancy (2011-ongoing maternity leave). Understanding the impact of Bipolar Disorder on couples. DClinPsy
    8. Reed Campbell (2013-2015) Positive aspects of Bipolar Experiences. DClinPsy
    9. Eleanor Rutherford (2011–2016) PhD (part-time) Organisational Health and Well Being. Thesis supervisor - Graduate Experience of a Mismatch between career aims and actual experience in first few years after graduation.(Second supervisor)


Research Interests

Models of Illness

The way in which people think about physical health problems has been shown to be important in predicting outcome in a variety of chronic physical illnesses. I am exploring how people's understanding of mental health problems impacts on outcome. This includes models held by the individual experiencing the mental health problem, relatives, and professionals working in this area. My work has been funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), NHS R&D, and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Bipolar Disorder

I am addressing the important issue of transferring evidence-based interventions from research settings into NHS practice. I am developing and testing effective ways to disseminate relapse prevention approaches for people with bipolar disorder including group interventions, training frontline NHS staff, and developing supported self management packages. This work is funded by the Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Relatives of people experiencing early psychosis

I am interested in exploring factors that predict which relatives of people experiencing early psychosis are at high risk of extreme distress or developing problematic coping styles. I am using this understanding to develop effective supported self management packages that can be made widely available. This work is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Current Teaching

Current Post-Graduate Teaching Programmes

  1. 2011- Masters in Mental Health Module in partnerships with Psychology Department (10 students for first intake, 12 for second). I provide face to face teaching and support the programme development.
  2. 2012- Taught PhD in Mental Health (16 students for first intake). I am part of the team that developed the programme content and I provide teaching (face to face and online), supervise research theses (approx 5 per year) and am academic tutor (approx 5 per intake).
  3. 2011 – Taught PhD in Organisational Health & Wellbeing. I provide face to face teaching and am academic tutor (approx 2 per intake) and supervise a thesis
  4. 2011 – Taught PhD in Public Health. I provide face to face teaching.
  5. I have organised a specialist clinical research placement for Clinical Psychologists in training and currently supervise a trainee from Liverpool University

Additional Information

Over the last 5 years my work has had significant international impact is evidenced by the following esteem indicators:

  1. World Health Organisation: Invited Member of Expert Consensus Group on International Comprehensive Assessment of Functioning for Bipolar Disorder (ICF – Bipolar). Madrid 2010
  2. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Bipolar Disorder Guidelines Revision- National Scoping Group Member. Stakeholder representative for British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) 2012-current
  3. National Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Severe Mental Illness (IAPT-SMI). Expert Advisor – Education and Training Group  2011-current
  4. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) National Demonstration Site for Bipolar Disorder. Expert consultant to Birmingham and Solihull NHS Foundation Trust) – 2012-current
  5. British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, Special Interest Group (BABCP- SIG) for Bipolar Disorder. Deputy Chair 2010 - current
  6. European Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy, Special Interest Group (EABCT-SIG) for Bipolar Disorder.  Secretary 2012-current
  7. CREST.BD (Collaborative RESearch Team to study psychosocial issues in Bipolar Disorder). International Collaborative Network Member – current
  8. Expert Member of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders – Community Engagement Task Force 2013- current
  9. Co-ordinating Editor and Working Party Member, Division of Clinical Psychology Report ‘Understanding Bipolar Disorder’ completed 2010

10. Chair of Trial Steering Committee –Cognitive Behavioural Suicide Prevention Therapy for people in acute psychiatric wards (NIHR funded- Haddock et al – University of Manchester). 2013-2016

11. North West Mental Health Alliance – Deputy Director and Co-Lead for Psychosis and Mood Disorders research programme. 2013 - current

12. Winner of the North West Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) People in Research Award 2012

13. Joint convenor (Lobban & Jones) Mental Health Research Network – Clinical Research Group “Psychosocial interventions for Bipolar Disorder” 2008 – 2010

14. Associate Editor - Psychology and Psychotherapy: theory, research and practice 2006-2011

15. Implementing clinical guidelines in everyday practice. Special Edition – Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice, 81, 4 (2008) Guest edited by Fiona Lobban and Steven Jones.

16. Regular reviewer grant funding bodies including NIHR (inc programme grants and HTA trials), ESRC, MRC

17.  Regular reviewer for 11 scientific journals including British Journal of Psychiatry, Behaviour Research And Therapy, Bipolar Disorders, and Journal of Affective Disorder.

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