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Harriet Fletcher

Research student

Harriet Fletcher

Lancaster University

County College



Research overview

My PhD research explores the intersections of celebrity and the Gothic in contemporary literature, media, and popular culture, with roots in the nineteenth century. My thesis identifies an extensive trend of texts that use Gothic to reflect upon celebrity culture at specific historical moments, and in turn, a number of celebrities who play a vital role in the production of these texts. I am interested in the ways in which Gothic conventions such as vampirism, duality, abjection, and body horror are employed in narrative forms to reflect celebrity culture, the concept of fame, and celebrities themselves.

My current research interests include: contemporary Gothic film and television; celebrity studies; gender and celebrity; vampire literature and media; the early Hollywood actress; Victorian visual culture; and Andy Warhol. 

Current Teaching

ENGL100: English Literature, ENGL419: Research Methodologies, MCS200: Media and Cultural Theory


Additional Information

I completed my BA in English at the University of Exeter (2014) before undertaking an MA in English Literary Studies at Lancaster University (2015), where I am currently studying for a PhD.

Contact me: h.fletcher1@lancaster.ac.uk

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