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Helen Wilding

Research student

Furness Building Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YG


United Kingdom

Research overview

Inspired by the health promotion movement's emphasis on healthy public policy and health in all policies, I am interested in how the day to day work of policy practitioners in local government can impact on both the content and process of policy.  I am also interested in whether practices can be changed through practice development and action research approaches.

Additional Information

2013 - 2015 'Taught' phase of PhD by Blended Learning which included modules on:

  • Public Health: Policy, Theory and Practice
  • Philosophy of Research
  • Theory and methods: choices for health research
  • Systematic approaches to literature reviews and evidence synthesis
  • Data Analysis (including both qualitative and quantitative)
  • Principles of Research design and practical research ethics

Career Details

I work in an English local authority whilst studying part-time

Web Links

I blog in a personal capacity at http://helen.wilding.name/

Follow me on Twitter @hw29x


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