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James Perry

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James Perry

Bowland College Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YT


United Kingdom

Research overview

My current research interests surround the use of digital research methods to explore big data, with a particular focus upon Full Count Datasets. Primarily my research interests concern the utilisation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Corpus Linguistic software to explore historical events, issues, and topics with new data. A wider research interest is in the construction, maintenance, and dissemination of 'Big Data' within the discipline of history, including the development of Linked Micro Census Data with Vital Records. A major theme within my research concerns the composition and behaviour of foreign-born migrants in England and Wales during the period 1851-1911. 



Thesis Outline

My thesis, provisionally entitled 'Foreign born Migrants in England and Wales (1851-1911)' utilises full count census data to explore the origins, composition, distribution, and socio-economic behaviour of foreign-born migrants. To explore the extensive datasets, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and database management systems are used to spatially and statistically understand the foreign born population. my thesis is broken down and offers three comprehensive analytical chapters regarding migrant behaviours, focusing on migrant households, occupations and economic activity, and segregation.

Utilising digital research methods, my thesis contributes to the existing field of migration studies in England and Wales by reassessing previously held ideas or conclusions regarding the foreign born population. The spatial and quantitative analysis put forward in this thesis challenges existing ideas regarding the socio-economic activity of foreign born migrants. 

Current Teaching

I currently teach on the 'History and Historians – from Late Antiquity to the Modern World' HIST 100 course. In addition to my HIST 100 teaching responsibilities, I also convene the HIST 492 module for Masters students entitled 'Digital Research Skills for Historians'. 

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