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Jamie Dumayne

Research student

Jamie Dumayne

Lancaster University

Physics Building



Career Details

I studied my undergrad at Aberystwyth University, Wales. As well as a masters. My bachelors research was trying to detect molecules in brown dwarfs that had never been detected before. My masters research was trying to find if exoplanets that have been observed using transits are affected by the limb darkening of their host star.

Outside of Physics, I've worked in a lot of different industries. I worked for a summer camp in America in 2016 as a counsellor. I taught swimming, tennis and astronomy (as well as a bunch of other sports). In 2017, I worked for a wildlife photography company in Chengdu, China. I was their social media manager for all social media outside of China. Once back in the UK, I became a profesional photographer whilst studying for my masters. I mainly covered sporting events and formal events at my university (Aberystwyth). After graduating in 2018, I went to work for the NHS Wales in Cardiff for a few months. My main job was teaching the welsh health boards how to make websites, as well as providing tech support. I realised this wasn't for me though, so I left and went travelling instead. I started in Mexico, because I really wanted to see the day of the dead. Whilst there, I worked for a surf shop as a photographer. After this, I worked in Finland for Santa as a driver (spoilers: Santa can be a bit of a diva). Then I came back to the UK in 2019 but worked remotely for a canadian company doing social media analytics. Then I spent summer of 2019 back at camp, before starting a PhD at Lancaster.

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