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Dr Joana Zozimo

Research student

Joana Zozimo

Research overview

I am currently exploring the role of evaluative practices within development education sector.

My interest in the subject of evaluation arose from previous jobs I had as a "monitoring and evaluation" (M&E) program officer, mainly in African countries. In the last ten years I have seen various evaluation experiences based on a variety of assumptions/perceptions and as a result I wanted to expand my understanding of the "evaluation practice" as well as its meaning.

My thesis title is "An exploration of one evaluation process within a development education organisation: a case study." My Phd research enquires into the evaluation process within development education sector, exploring what are the evaluative practices stakeholders do when they conduct one evaluation. I am particularly interested in exploring what people do in the name of evaluation - their evaluation perception - and/or what they recognize to be an evaluative practice. I have conducted a single in-depth case study with longitudinal data collected ethnographically.

If you would like to know more about my research, please do contact me j.zozimo@lancaster.ac.uk

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