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Dr Joanne Thistlethwaite

Formerly at Lancaster University

My Role

Previous teaching:

2013/2014: LING 102: English Language

2012/13 LING 102: English Language

2012/13 LING211: The Language of Advertising 


My PhD (Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, 2014) investigated the extent to which the Irish language is displayed in the Linguistic Landscape (LL) of a West coast town in the Republic of Ireland. I analysed the conventions apparently guiding the inclusion of Irish on signs; in terms of its visual arrangement, its linguistic characteristics, as well as its interaction with any English language units. I performed a ‘nexus analysis’ (Scollon & Wong Scollon, 2003; 2004) linking these ‘conventions’ with the many circulating discourses regarding Irish in wider society. Ultimately I constructed one overarching account of how Irish came to be so under-represented on this town’s LL.

I have also been a research assistant on several projects, including Dr Jane Sunderland's 'Harry Potter and Children's Literacies' project, as well as on two of Dr Julia Gillen's projects, 'The Edwardian Postcard Project' and 'Digital Professionalism in Medical Education' (with Dr Fiona Curtis).

I have been working in the Student Registry since 2015, in various roles, mainly within the exams team and the timetabling team. I also recently worked as a temporary Admissions Assistant within the Linguistics department during their busy period from December 2016 – March 2017. 

Thesis Title

The use of Irish in the Linguistic Landscape (LL) of Ennis: a Nexus Analysis

Research overview

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