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Johann Unger supervises 12 postgraduate research students. Some of the students have produced research profiles, these are listed below:

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Dr Johann Unger

Lecturer & Academic Director

Johann Unger


Tel: +44 1524 592591

Office Hours:

County South C79, By arrangement

Research overview

I am currently interested in three main research areas:

  • Online forms of political resistance;
  • Language policy and the politics of language (especially in Scotland);
  • Students' attitudes towards their use of academic language, particularly when they are studying in international contexts.

Research Interests

My research to date has been in the following areas:

  • Language Policy
  • Minority Languages
  • Scots
  • Discursive representations of minority languages
  • Discourse sociolinguistics
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Academic writing
  • Language and gender
  • Cartoons, fairy stories and sexist stereotypes
  • Dialect speech (re)presentation in fiction and non-fiction
  • Dialect and non-standard orthography
  • Political resistance and new media

Current Teaching

My teaching in 2014-15 is restricted to MA and PhD-level supervision due to a sabbatical term.

In 2013-14 I contributed to the following modules:


  • LING103 - Linguistics
  • LING204 - Discourse Analysis: Looking at Language in use
  • LING250 - British Culture, Language, and Society, 1800 - Present


  • LING402 - Postgraduate Academic Study Skills
  • Hong Kong MA TESOL Foundation Module and Research Methods Module

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