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Dr Juhyun Park


Juhyun Park

Lancaster University

Fylde College



Tel: +44 1524 593606

Research overview

My main research area centres around functional data analysis and its applications. A typical functional data will be in the form of curves, or densely observed longitudinal data, such as spectrometric curves or cardiac frequency profiles. I focus on semi- or non-parametric approaches to analysing such data. Recent works are motivated by the need of developing methodologies for the analysis of multi-dimensional curves based on dynamic relations, and for extending to more general objects such as shapes or images.

Data as curves can also arise as intermediary from other forms of data, for example, risk neutral density functions, mortality curves, periodograms or intensity functions, and many nonparametric and functional data analysis techniques can be adopted to these type of data. 

My interest also extends to regression models for extreme events, multiple point process models, ordinary differential equation models and medical statistics. In particular I am interested in extending these models to incorporate more complex data structure or high dimensional problems.  

PhD supervision

Functional regression for ODE models
Prediction models for dynamic functional data

Research Interests

  • Nonparametric regression and functional data analysis
  • Dynamic modelling of multi-dimensional curves
  • Heavy tailed time series and extremes
  • Longitudinal data analysis and medical statistics
  • Multiple point processes for high frequency events

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