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Lama Alsudias

Research student

Lama Alsudias

Lancaster University




Research overview

Data mining, text mining, machine learning
Natural language processing of Arabic texts.

Current Research

Nowadays, most people participate in the Web to express their opinions, which also gives researchers the opportunity to analyze those opinions across large scale populations than is otherwise possible. One aim of this process is to summarise general opinions regarding international, national, or local events or themes in the huge amount of data available on the Internet. Microblogging platforms are also used by people and organisations to share information on different topics, and these can also be a source of emergency and/or vital public health information. Due to its popularity as a communication platform, it can be difficult to distinguish reliable information from popular opinions or rumours and this is especially problematic in emergency or health-related scenarios.
There are some properties of the Arabic language that makes it more difficult to analyze than other languages, and NLP resources and methods are less well developed than for English. Common problems include words having different meanings, and Arabic dialect detection in non-standard settings.
This research will combine these two challenges and investigate how to use Arabic social media content especially twitter to measure incidence of infectious disease.

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