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Lewis Hughes

Research student

Lewis Hughes

Lancaster University

Bowland College



Tel: 07956 568601

Research Interests

I am a History PhD student researching Late-Victorian Celebrity Culture. I am utilising biographies, autobiographies, journalistic interviews and acts of fandom (e.g. autograph collecting) to assess the power-dynamics and matrices of fame at the end of the nineteenth century.


Research Grants

My research is funded through a studentship from the Economic and Social Research Council

Thesis Title

Working Title:

'The Matrices of Late-Victorian Celebrity Culture: An investigation of the power-dynamics of fame through Biographies, Autobiographies, Interviews and Fandom'

Supervised By

Dr John Strachan

Dr James Taylor

Contact me

Open to converse with anyone studying the topic of Celebrity

Additional Information


Associate Lecturer on Hist100

Conferences presented at:

March 2017 History of Celebrity Conference at Queen Mary University, London

August 2017 British Association of Victorian Studies Conference at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln

October 2017 Care and Machines Conference at Manchester University

Additional Information

Papers Presented:

'Revealing the Authentic Self: Victorian Celebrity Interviews'

'Publicly Private Connections: The Mediated Celebrity and Para-Social Relationship'