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Margot Douaihy

Research student

Margot Douaihy

County College Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YD


United Kingdom

Web: http://www.margotdouaihy.com

Research overview

Two elements of my creative writing PhD include 1) a dissertation on the lesbian detective fiction genre and 2) my own sleuth novel. My primary research questions: Do lesbian detective novels (including sleuth stories) appropriate or inhabit classic tropes of hardboiled masculinity (e.g., Chandler's Philip Marlowe and Hammett's Sam Spade) while simultaneously parodying them and/or critiquing the gender binary? What elements of identity are integral to the investigative praxis of the queer female sleuth? Does the lesbian detective genre interpret and/or approach sexual violence, murder, menace, and corruption differently than mainstream crime fiction? If so, does this attitude influence plot, mood, and character development in notable ways? How are the lesbian detective novels published in the US in the 1980s/1990s similar and or different to those published in the twenty-first century? How pertinent are the political and cultural climates of the worlds that lesbian detectives occupy (e.g., marriage equality, visibility vs closeted, internalised homophobia)? What attributes do feminist detectives (e.g., VI Warshawski) and lesbian detectives (e.g., Kate Delafield) share? How are the sub-genres distinct?