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Dr Mathis Heinrich

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Mathis Heinrich


I am an ESRC funded PhD research student at the Cultural Political Economy Research Centre (CPERC) of Lancaster University, working on the economic and financial crisis management of the European Union in reaction to the current crises in Europe. I am administrating the CPERC Reading Group and I am part of the ESRC Project The Great Transformation directed by my supervisor Bob Jessop.

I am also affiliated with the Institute of Critical Social Analysis of the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin (Germany) as a funded postgraduate research student and have been a guest lecturer in Political Science at the Phillips-University of Marburg in 2012 and 2014.

Research overview

My research interests cover a wide range of almost all aspects related to International and Comparative Political Economy, European Integration, Critical Social Theory anad Discourse Analysis.

Current Research

Economic and Financial Crisis Managament of the EU: Power and Discourse in Variegated European Capitalism

In my PhD I am especially interested in agential and discursive dynamics behind the management of the current global financial and euro crisis between 2007 and 2013 on the EU level. Special attention is paid here to the impact of transnational capital actors in contemporary struggles of meaning- and decision-making in EU (Meta-) Governance, i.e. the transformation and/or maintenance of economic imaginaries and policy approaches in reaction to the crisis as being structured by the selectivites of variegated European capitalism. Therefore, I am drawing on the wider agenda of the Cultural Political Economy Approach, which places the interplay of micro- and macro-structural dynamics in the process of reducing the complexity of social and political practices at the heart of my research and leads to my special interest in concepts and methods of Critical Discourse Analysis.

Research Interests

International and Comparative Political Economy, European Integration, Monetary and Financial Policy, Transnational and Global Governance, Cultural Political Economy, Crisis and Crisis Management, EU Politics, Critical Discourse Analysis

Additional Information

Contact: m.heinrich@lancaster.ac.uk

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