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Dr Matthew Johnson


Matthew Johnson


Tel: +44 1524 594254

Office Hours:

My office hours are Monday 2:00-3:00 and Thursday 1-2.

Research overview

I have an eclectic range of research interests broadly converging around the politics of cultural diversity and the relationship between culture, wellbeing, institutions and circumstance. I have written about such topics in EthnicitiesSocial Indicators ResearchEducational TheoryCritical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy and Journal of Medical Ethics, my edited book, The Legacy of Marxism (Continuum), and my monograph, Evaluating Culture: Wellbeing, Institutions and Circumstance(Palgrave). I am founding editor of the journal, Global Discourse, which is published quarterly by Taylor and Francis and have taught at the Universities of Newcastle, Queensland, Iceland and York. I am currently developing a participatory project entitled A Cross-Cultural Working Group on ‘Good Culture’ and Precariousness, which involves non-academic community co-researchers from Ashington, a former coalmining community in my native North East of England, and Aboriginal Australian communities from around Brisbane, Australia, working together through exchanges to each other’s communities to examine and develop guidelines for ‘good’ cultural responses to precariousness. The project is funded by a philanthropic foundation. A Lancaster University Knowledge Exchange Fellowship is funding Roger Appleton of Brightmoon Media to film a documentary on the project.

Research Interests

The relationship between culture, cultural diversity and human wellbeing

Invasive cultural practices, particularly FGM and male circumcision

Aboriginal Australian affairs

Multiculturalism and toleration

‘Big Society'

Contemporary Marxism and political ideology

 Ukraine, Russia and Eastern European politics


See A Cross-Cultural Working Group on ‘Good Culture’ and Precariousness

Current Teaching

Additional Information


I have been interviewed on, among other things, the recent Ukraine crisis. I am more than happy to be interviewed on the broad topics outlined under ‘research interests’ above.

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