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Dr Merce Oriol

Formerly at Lancaster University

Merce Oriol

Current Research

Currently I am in receipt of a 3-year funded post-doctoral award from the Basque Government. The first two years I will conduct my postdoc research at Lancaster University under the supervision of Prof. Bob Jessop. The third one is to be developed back at the University of the Basque Country. My postdoc research revolves around urban regeneration policies and local governance. This study has a dual purpose: first, to deepen the construction of an analytical framework that links urban regeneration policies, governance, local factors and scalar strategies; second, to make a comparative analysis between two cities, Bilbao and Manchester. As a result of these two objectives, and based on results, I will try to provide new analytical considerations on urban political strategies in the field of urban regeneration.

Supervised By

Prof. Bob Jessop