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Mette Furbo

Senior Research Associate

Mette Furbo

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 595037


I work as a Senior Research Associate in the DEMAND Centre at Lancaster University, and together with Prof Gordon Walker, I am researching the governance of energy demand (since Nov. 2015).  


Project description

The role of the electricity meter has been re-invigorated by the wider digitalisation of data systems and infrastructures, for example, some meters will now transmit data every half-hour or on a second-by-second basis and can be flexibly positioned to record energy flows following various logics, not just for billing customers.

In the domestic space, the new meter has become know as a 'smart' meter, while in the non-domestic world of businesses and public sector organisations, the 'advanced' meters have been 'smart' for some time. These types of electricity meters are now becoming increasingly significant and integral to visions of low carbon energy futures.

Yet, in what ways do these meter data infrastructures and practices generate the possibilities for the governance of energy demand? In this research, we are particularly interested in the work of sub-metering within large businesses and organisations as well as with metering associated with demand side response (DSR) contracts. We are interested in how metering and data infrastructures are integral to new expectations about how demand will be governed and made flexible, and how electricity flows are being re-monetised through their mobilisation as data.


PhD research

In my doctoral research in sociology (Lancaster University, 2011-2015), I studied data practices in consumer genomics. The thesis title is: 'Doing Susceptibilities: Data Practices in Consumer Genomics'. The research was supported by Intel Labs as part of the "Biosensors in Everyday life" program, led by Dr Dawn Nafus. My supervisors were Prof Adrian Mackenzie and Prof Maggie Mort.

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