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Mette Furbo

Senior Research Associate, Research Student

Mette Furbo


Tel: +44 1524 595037

Thesis Title

The Life of Genetic Data

Thesis Outline

I am discussing and exploring the life of genetic data by enquiring into how genetic data is lived, and I do this by studying a number of data practices. In particularly, I am focusing on the North American company 23andMe Inc., which is one of the largest and best-known personal genomics companies.

I am exploring how we can think differently about genetic data - different to genetic data as a matter of quality and standards, and genetic data as empowerment and responsibility. Drawing on literature within Science and Technology Studies, I suggest we think about data as 'doing something' and not as a 'knowledge product'. As such, I am focusing on the genetic data practices to give an account of the life of genetic data and in turn to challenge the notion of people as being merely consumers of genetic tests.

Research Grants

This research is supported by Intel Labs as part of the "Biosensors in Everyday Life" program.

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