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Dr Michelle Swainson

Lecturer in Physiology

Michelle Swainson

Furness Building



Tel: +44 1524 594261

Research overview

My main research interests are within the field of exercise physiology and preventive health, especially focused on the associations between fitness, fatness and cardio-metabolic risk. This interest spans healthy adults, retired athletes as well as cardiac patients engaging in exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation. I am interested in the role of health screening to identify risk at a younger age, and promote the use of physical activity/exercise for both prevention and management of lifestyle-related conditions, particularly in middle-aged adults and those in sedentary workplaces. I also have a strong interest in methodologies used to determine and monitor obesity, focusing on DXA-derived visceral adipose tissue and measures of central adiposity, which is an area I am keen to advance in relation to cardio-metabolic diseases.

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