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Dr Naomi Kruger

Former Research Student

Naomi Kruger

Current Teaching

I am an Associate Lecturer in the department of English & Creative Writing teaching Crew 103 - the first year Creative Writing workshop module.

Research Grants

My PhD is funded by the AHRC

Research overview

I am interested in representations of dementia in contemporary fiction, narratives of cognitive impairment, the polyphonic novel, short stories including interconnected story collections or 'novels-in-stories' and creative/critical writing.

Current Research

My research consists of a polyphonic novel partly narrated by May, a character with Alzheimer’s. I am interested in the attempt to narrate from within a disintegrating consciousness, to represent the loss of language through language and in questioning the way we position ourselves in terms of dementia by situating her voice among other narrators who also struggle with memory and placing themselves in the world. 

If a fundamental lack of narrativity is part of the terror that surround this condition, and if this fear, as studies have argued, can have a direct impact on the kind of care people receive, could fictional narratives about dementia provide one way for us to re-think our own narrative expectations, ‘escape the medical confines of disease and… assemble a new humanity in the loss?’

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