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Dr Neil Boynton

Formerly at Lancaster University

Neil Boynton

PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising doctoral students in the following areas:

- Art and Health
- Composition
- Video, fine art and experimental
- Landscape and Environment
- Music and sound design for contemporary theatre
- Creative practice and technology

Current Teaching

I teach composition at all levels and am course convenor for Multimedia Authoring, a second-year module. My contribution to the composition modules centres on the creation of soundtracks in a DAW environment, writing music to picture and programming for interactive and multimedia works. Some of my teaching in the first and second years of study focuses specifically on learning Logic Pro and MaxMSP Jitter.


Dr Neil Boynton is a researcher with a focus on video and music composition, placing particular emphasis on issues of landscape, environment and self-identity, and the relation between sound and images. His practice-based research encompasses fine art video-making, composing soundtracks for contemporary theatre and improvising live music with a laptop. He writes both about his own practice and the works and teachings of the Austrian composer Anton Webern. He has exhibited with galleries and museums both overseas and in the UK; the theatre works with his soundtracks have toured extensively in the UK and Europe—Kellerman was described by The Observer’s critic as ‘near as dammit a total work of art’. His research is intended for professionals in academe, health, education, and individuals and community groups.

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