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Dr Neil Manson

Senior Lecturer

Neil Manson

Lancaster University

County South



Tel: +44 1524 594668

Office Hours:

Neil's office hours SummerTerm are Wednesdays 12-2

PhD supervision

Philosophical aspects of consent and informed consent

Decision making in a medical context
Consent as a communicative act.
The ethics of spin, PR and media.

The ethics of secrecy and concealment.
The nature and ethical significance of genetic information.
Information privacy and epistemic virtue.

The vice of curiosity.
Applied ethics and social epistemology.

Current Teaching

PHIL100 - Introduction to Philosophy

PPR 213 Epistemology

PPR307 History of Twentieth Century Philosophy

PPR 456 Paternalism, Autonomy and Consent



Research Interests

Neil C. Manson studied philosophy in London , taking his BA at King's College London in 1992 and his MPhil at University College London in 1995. He then went to Corpus Christi College Oxford, gaining his DPhil in 1998 with a thesis entitled Conscious Thought. From 1998 to 2005 he had two research fellowships at King's College Cambridge. He has taught philosophy in London, Oxford and Cambridge.

His main research interests are in consent, and related issues that arise to do with normative aspects of knowledge and communication. He is currently working on a number of papers on philosophical aspects of consent, which he hopes will (by some kind of magic) eventually emerge as a book. Central to these papers is the idea that there has been insufficient attention to consent as a general phenomenon (rather than consent in medicine, sexual consent etc), and, more specfically, to the nature of consent as a practical normative phenomenon. Consent is something that we do, both as consentors and recipients of consent (it is also something that we enforce, acknowledge, accommodate as bystanders, audiences, and in other normative roles). My aim is to offer a better, systematic, account of the various ways in which we can bring about normative change by our acts of consent.




Applied philosophy/public policy

Neil Manson iis the Chair of the Society for Applied Philosophy; in the past he has been the treasurer, and an associate edictor of the Journal of Applied Philosophy

I have taken part in a wide range of applied philosophical and policy events and activities:



Spring 2008- invited member of the NHS Organ Donation Taskforce 'Ethics Working Group', working on issues to do with consent (e.g., opt-in, opt out, mandated choice) for organ donation.

March 08 -invited participant and respondent, British Academy workshop: 'Philosophy and Public Policy'.

May 08 - invited participant, MRC/Wellcome workshop: 'Regulation and Biomedical Research'

May 08 - invited participant, UK) Human Tissue Authority workshop on directed deceased (organ) donation.

July 08 - invited participant, Nuffield Council on Bioethics fact-finding meeting on (ethics of) dementia.

April 09 - invited speaker/participant in Public Health Genetics Foundation/CRASSH workshop 'Policy, Groups and Populations in a Genomic Era'

Jan 10 - invited participant in AHRC/Human Genetics Commission seminar 'Understanding Genetic Discrimination'

Jun 10 invited participant in Technology Strategy Board 'Knowledge sharing and extending the frontiers of knowledge' workshop.

Jan 11 invited speaker/participant AHRC/HFEA/SAP workshop 'Ethical issues in gamete and embryo donation'

May 11 invited participant in workshop on Ethics of Fabry Disease Newborn Screening Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam

June 12  Invited witness to UK Leveson Inquiry: Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press

Nov 13: invited speaker South Norway Research Ethics Committee workshop on informed consent.

Oct 15  invited speaker HUNT biobank (Norway) workshop on models of consent

Spring 16: invited participant, NHS strategy meetings on informed consent for precision medicine

June 16 (ongoing): invited member MRC Ethics, Regulation and Public Involvement Committee

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