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Olfa Mejri

Research student

Olfa Mejri

Charles Carter Building Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YX


United Kingdom

Research overview


Research interests:

Markets have always been sites for conflicts of interest and protest. However, many scholars attribute the recent intensification of market contentiousness to consumers and interest groups awareness of the scope of consumption, as an effective mean to pressurise institutions and corporations in order to induce change in the way markets and the society are organised and regulated. Consumption has become noticeably a privileged vehicle to express and support a diverse range of societal and political concerns. This has stimulated a new multi-disciplinary research stream stepping away from formalist theses by questioning some of the long established views about the market, governance, and society; criticizing especially the assumed separation between the social, politics and economics.

Drawing upon different literatures - Market studies, economic sociology, organizational studies, new social movements, political consumerism and consumer resistance – my research aims to elucidate how social concerns unfold and shape market organization and practices, in the context of the (GM) Foods controversy.

I am particularly interested in:

Market contentiousness.

Market food controversies.

Fields institutionalization/deinstitutionalization.

Consumer resistance & anti-consumption.

Consumer empowerment.

Ethical consumption.

Markets as practice.

Social networks.  

Research grant:  

My PhD research is funded by: The North West Doctoral Training Centre (NWDTC).  

Teaching activities:

Introduction to Marketing (MKTG101)

Marketing Essentials (MKTG227)

Marketing Consultancy Projects (MKTG310)